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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Emotion of Two hEarTs.

Emotion of Two hEarTs.......

Confluence of two hearts,
the stream of feelings,
merging in each others,
life find the new way,
it is the word of love,
we having it to say,

the emotion of hearts,
make intimate friends,
when we hold hands,
weaving the dreams,
it is the love that find,
new spring,

the flowers blossom,
in the heart everytime,
aroma ignited the desire,
the high intensity of love,
forcing you to burn in this fire,

the heart dying all the time,
in the desire of sensual drive,
the love makes your brain,
to feel her in the same,
the shadow ride your emotions ,
the beauty of hide and seek
in your notion,

the beauty of merging soul,
when we go out of control,
the natural lust on lips,
her kiss makes you brisk,
that never can be define,
because love and desire,
coming from indefinite time,

never need to express in word,
never to become expert,
see the love in animals,
where the feelings
having the words,
feel their cardinal love,

the confluence of heart,
born the love......

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