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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finding LovE AgaIn......

Finding LovE AgaIn......

If i could hold the time,

let the life to writte again,

the story of love

from the feelings

by words of my pen,

to search the love again,

the crying heart,

wants some smile,

desire to hold hands,

to get the love again,

the spear of pain,

hurting sometime,

the darkest dreams,

always confine,

the love not for you,

don't hold the time,

only the sadness in line,

the words of dying heart,

when i try to writte,

the words in tears,

wetting my life,

the love seems lie,

the desire of fantasy,

to feel the happiness,

sink in the ocean of pain

leave me to die,

let free my life,

to rewritte,

the story of pain,

to venish the old,

find new soul,

for love again,

this is the truth of life,

i can't live without it......


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