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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The image of my lovE...

The image of my lovE....

you are my beautiful word,
i am your your image,
both need eyes of heart,
to find the love of each other,

i know it is optical illusion,
you can't be my word,
we can't live together,
we lives in hearts of each other,
the undefine innocent love,
in this human creature,

the heart wants to fly,
on the potrait of your life,
want to fill the colours,
new shade to survive,

the dream of heart's eyes,
making your image,
from your words,
created by the ray of heart,
bare soul meet in the shadow of love,

writte me from your heart,
kiss me to breath new life,
i find the breath,
i get the love of your eyes,

i am word of your heart,
you are my image,
loving each other,
writting new page,
for the undefined love,

the glossy reflection,
of your eyes,
silver spun,
bright comes,
from your heart,
you are my bare moon,
i am clouds to cover you,

the two life of us,
breath together,
two soul merged
in each other,

you are image of my heart,
i am word of your lips,
now both living in heart,
always loving each other.....

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