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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teasing thE DarknEss....

Teasing thE DarknEss....

Shirnking of moonlight,

under the lips of clouds,

mystifying the dark skies

from her glow comes out,

hug of dark to the moonlight,

kiss and caress each other

like twosome loving out,

the whole night,

they love each other,

the dark coulds and moonlight,

seeming like the lover in nature,

the game of see saw,

teasing to each other,

glowing moonlight hide

herself in blanket of clouds,

again the dark clouds overlay

himself in the shadow of the moonlight,

the love of nature,

making heavenly sky,

when these coulds rain

the droplets of love,

gives new life and joy,

true innocent love,

giving the new joy in life,

when heart opens,

for spreading love,

embracing to every broken heart,

when hopes died,

life seems lied,

spread love like coulds

who spreads the love

of the moonlight,

no doubt........


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