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Thursday, March 8, 2012

ThE InnocEnt HeaRt.....

ThE InnocEnt HeaRt.....

It was the day of mine,

living in fantasy,

believing in the love,

happiness was in her arm,

my heart was so nascent,

innocent like wind,

it was snared by brain,

love muddling between

heart and brain,

entangling in pain,

trying to ravel,

mystifying more,

trying to reach at shore,

heart tuned in to sore,

desire of love no more,

tears are soaking the life,

love now making sour,

i am victim,

what i made,

dark and pain,

flirt for nasty gain

all created by mind,

heart is innocent wind,

loves is not for brain,

brain always gives pain,

be make your heart,

pure like water,

find ur partner's image,

open yourself,

like wings of birds,

the love of sky,

trust you can fly,

love is inside you,

finding yourself,

crying in the dark,

tears of pain,

these are human made,

be nascent like child,

fimd love is so true,

love from heart,

make innocent dream,

you are under the rain,

wetting in smile and happiness....


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