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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Emotion of Two hEarTs.

Emotion of Two hEarTs.......

Confluence of two hearts,
the stream of feelings,
merging in each others,
life find the new way,
it is the word of love,
we having it to say,

the emotion of hearts,
make intimate friends,
when we hold hands,
weaving the dreams,
it is the love that find,
new spring,

the flowers blossom,
in the heart everytime,
aroma ignited the desire,
the high intensity of love,
forcing you to burn in this fire,

the heart dying all the time,
in the desire of sensual drive,
the love makes your brain,
to feel her in the same,
the shadow ride your emotions ,
the beauty of hide and seek
in your notion,

the beauty of merging soul,
when we go out of control,
the natural lust on lips,
her kiss makes you brisk,
that never can be define,
because love and desire,
coming from indefinite time,

never need to express in word,
never to become expert,
see the love in animals,
where the feelings
having the words,
feel their cardinal love,

the confluence of heart,
born the love......


The love of wild Breeze .

The love of wild Breeze ..

The breeze of feelings,

always touches heart,

when i closes my eyes,

feel someone is hugging me,

through this wild breeze,

who gives me huge love

and peace,

it is the love of wild breeze,

it touches the bare soul,

teasing by running over me,

stroking like i am brier,

kissing on the curve,

mild dream of desire,

it is the loves of wild breeze,

caress my rosy lips,

when my eyes are closes,

kneading the love,

over the naked bone,

soothing touch seducing me,

the allure of this love,

always tantalizing me,

the fondling of desire,

engulfing in the ocean,

of the love and fire,

this is love of wild breeze...


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Holi

Happy Holi...
Festival of Colours
The celebration of life..

The festival of colours,
that makes new shades of life,
the colours of joy and happiness,
gives some moments to smile,
wash all the pain and tears of life,

the day when heart get colourful,
we forgot the stain of blood,
we find the one religion,
humanity get new eye,
lets celebrate the Holi,
that gives new life,

the ancient story of Holi,
the battle of truth and lie,
always truth wins, liar die,
the symbol of victory,
reflect in this colours of life,

lets smile and enjoy,
this celebration of life,
say again Happy Holi to everyone...

Happy holi......

Finding LovE AgaIn......

Finding LovE AgaIn......

If i could hold the time,

let the life to writte again,

the story of love

from the feelings

by words of my pen,

to search the love again,

the crying heart,

wants some smile,

desire to hold hands,

to get the love again,

the spear of pain,

hurting sometime,

the darkest dreams,

always confine,

the love not for you,

don't hold the time,

only the sadness in line,

the words of dying heart,

when i try to writte,

the words in tears,

wetting my life,

the love seems lie,

the desire of fantasy,

to feel the happiness,

sink in the ocean of pain

leave me to die,

let free my life,

to rewritte,

the story of pain,

to venish the old,

find new soul,

for love again,

this is the truth of life,

i can't live without it......


ThE InnocEnt HeaRt.....

ThE InnocEnt HeaRt.....

It was the day of mine,

living in fantasy,

believing in the love,

happiness was in her arm,

my heart was so nascent,

innocent like wind,

it was snared by brain,

love muddling between

heart and brain,

entangling in pain,

trying to ravel,

mystifying more,

trying to reach at shore,

heart tuned in to sore,

desire of love no more,

tears are soaking the life,

love now making sour,

i am victim,

what i made,

dark and pain,

flirt for nasty gain

all created by mind,

heart is innocent wind,

loves is not for brain,

brain always gives pain,

be make your heart,

pure like water,

find ur partner's image,

open yourself,

like wings of birds,

the love of sky,

trust you can fly,

love is inside you,

finding yourself,

crying in the dark,

tears of pain,

these are human made,

be nascent like child,

fimd love is so true,

love from heart,

make innocent dream,

you are under the rain,

wetting in smile and happiness....




I am alone on earth,

i keep alive to all,

i made for human,

ignoring me overall,

No one can hold,

i am free to move,

roving everytime,

my life never shines,

i live between the leaves,

don't know the start and end,

how life gets the pace,

turn me in to winds,

i am a nascent air,

sharing the earth

with you,

i gives the life to bone,

i made to serve so long,

but i feel how humans,

being selfish,

they are destroying

my homes,

i am living without leaves

i can't shalter myself,

no tress making

us direction less,

when i get angry,

i warn the human,

through the storm,

by taking their lives,

but still they believe,

these are natural fault,

they beting their life,

with the exitence of mine,

the human gaffe,

turning the deadly time...


Teasing thE DarknEss....

Teasing thE DarknEss....

Shirnking of moonlight,

under the lips of clouds,

mystifying the dark skies

from her glow comes out,

hug of dark to the moonlight,

kiss and caress each other

like twosome loving out,

the whole night,

they love each other,

the dark coulds and moonlight,

seeming like the lover in nature,

the game of see saw,

teasing to each other,

glowing moonlight hide

herself in blanket of clouds,

again the dark clouds overlay

himself in the shadow of the moonlight,

the love of nature,

making heavenly sky,

when these coulds rain

the droplets of love,

gives new life and joy,

true innocent love,

giving the new joy in life,

when heart opens,

for spreading love,

embracing to every broken heart,

when hopes died,

life seems lied,

spread love like coulds

who spreads the love

of the moonlight,

no doubt........


Tears of heart.........

Tears of heart.........

If my tears were pearls,

it brighten my night,

i m wailing in dark,

tearing from heart,

you stabed in my heart,

i believed on love,

spears of broken dream

sticking every night,

the sky falling over me,

i have tears in my eyes,

life sank in the ocean of pain,

i have nothing in my hand,

whole night wetting my bed,

it's the life's darkest shade,

everythings seems lie,

no more life want to die,

suddenly got an eternal call,

emotion arrested by soul,

soul began the new story of life,

gave the new love to survive,

love for humanity,

can never give you paiN,

always remains the same,

love the nature and true soul,

human made love is made to give you pain and sorrow.....


The image of my lovE...

The image of my lovE....

you are my beautiful word,
i am your your image,
both need eyes of heart,
to find the love of each other,

i know it is optical illusion,
you can't be my word,
we can't live together,
we lives in hearts of each other,
the undefine innocent love,
in this human creature,

the heart wants to fly,
on the potrait of your life,
want to fill the colours,
new shade to survive,

the dream of heart's eyes,
making your image,
from your words,
created by the ray of heart,
bare soul meet in the shadow of love,

writte me from your heart,
kiss me to breath new life,
i find the breath,
i get the love of your eyes,

i am word of your heart,
you are my image,
loving each other,
writting new page,
for the undefined love,

the glossy reflection,
of your eyes,
silver spun,
bright comes,
from your heart,
you are my bare moon,
i am clouds to cover you,

the two life of us,
breath together,
two soul merged
in each other,

you are image of my heart,
i am word of your lips,
now both living in heart,
always loving each other.....