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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The love of wild Breeze .

The love of wild Breeze ..

The breeze of feelings,

always touches heart,

when i closes my eyes,

feel someone is hugging me,

through this wild breeze,

who gives me huge love

and peace,

it is the love of wild breeze,

it touches the bare soul,

teasing by running over me,

stroking like i am brier,

kissing on the curve,

mild dream of desire,

it is the loves of wild breeze,

caress my rosy lips,

when my eyes are closes,

kneading the love,

over the naked bone,

soothing touch seducing me,

the allure of this love,

always tantalizing me,

the fondling of desire,

engulfing in the ocean,

of the love and fire,

this is love of wild breeze...


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