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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Darkness Of Life...

Darkness Of Life....
A closed eyes
 And the darkness
 I am running away.

Leaving the flowers
 Of my tears
 Far behind.
The song of pain
 Was silent with
 Fading time.
The old memories
 Tried to hold my leg
 But see I am escaped.
The darkness of life
 See my eyes are open
 To see the new light.
Now the new flower
 Of my smile
 And song of joy
 Of new rising time.
I never gave up myself
 The darkness was tried
 Hard to make me slave.
But the light of my soul
 And dreams of hope
 I ran away.
Now I am here
 With joy of light
 Like darkness was
 Never in my life....
All written rights reserved
©Poet Lovesmith(Kaushal) 10 March 2015
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