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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tears of heart.........

Tears of heart.........

If my tears were pearls,

it brighten my night,

i m wailing in dark,

tearing from heart,

you stabed in my heart,

i believed on love,

spears of broken dream

sticking every night,

the sky falling over me,

i have tears in my eyes,

life sank in the ocean of pain,

i have nothing in my hand,

whole night wetting my bed,

it's the life's darkest shade,

everythings seems lie,

no more life want to die,

suddenly got an eternal call,

emotion arrested by soul,

soul began the new story of life,

gave the new love to survive,

love for humanity,

can never give you paiN,

always remains the same,

love the nature and true soul,

human made love is made to give you pain and sorrow.....


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