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Thursday, March 8, 2012



I am alone on earth,

i keep alive to all,

i made for human,

ignoring me overall,

No one can hold,

i am free to move,

roving everytime,

my life never shines,

i live between the leaves,

don't know the start and end,

how life gets the pace,

turn me in to winds,

i am a nascent air,

sharing the earth

with you,

i gives the life to bone,

i made to serve so long,

but i feel how humans,

being selfish,

they are destroying

my homes,

i am living without leaves

i can't shalter myself,

no tress making

us direction less,

when i get angry,

i warn the human,

through the storm,

by taking their lives,

but still they believe,

these are natural fault,

they beting their life,

with the exitence of mine,

the human gaffe,

turning the deadly time...


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