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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Women's Day 2015....

Happy Women's Day 2015.

The wonder of the world
 Women on the earth.

Beautiful heart
 Made from love
 Mother to wife
 She makes the life.
She is the beauty
 Of the world
 She is meaning
 Of the love.
Women is the
 Creator of us
 She is goddess
 On the earth.
Happy Women's Day 2015.
©Poet Lovesmith (Kaushal)8 March 2015.
Dedicated to all women on this world. They are the wonders of the world. Like creator among us in her shape. If really you believe in creator then see your mother ...if you believe in love see your any shade she is defining the meaning of this world. You are always be part of her...
 So please always give her respect because she is real
 Creator of the world. She goddess on the earth....
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