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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Wild Young Stream....

A Young Wild Stream....

A peace
And music of life
Singing lips
And divine eyes.

Like the life
Flow with this music
And heart is breathing
In its sublime song.

The joy of lips
And passion of these
Young stream
Even stones melt
In the fantasy.

Ah! Heaven
Is here in its
Feet see the
Passion of young
Bride stream.

Like running to meet
The groom
To fall in him
For sublime oneness
Calling me to meet.

Passionate eyes
And I float over
The waves.

I am wet
When she barely

Ah! this young stream
Like a wild teen
Calling me to sink
In her passion
Her moaning lips.

A sacred fantasy
Of this stream
I fall into it.

In the passion
Of sublime love
A young wild stream.

Like my valentine is
Waiting for me
A beautiful stream.

All copyright reserved
©Poet Lovesmith( Kaushal )
2 May 2015.
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